Missouri Incentive Programs

The State of Missouri is committed to a thriving energy solutions industry. Below are State of Missouri incentive programs that are of interest to energy companies looking to move their business forward:

Ethanol Incentive Program

Targeted at increasing homegrown production of ethanol , the five year incentive program providex grants to producers that are at least 51% owned by agriculture producers actively engaged in commercial production. Ethanol incentives include a payment of 20 cents per gallon for the first 12.5 million gallons and 5 cents per gallon for the next 12.5 million gallons.

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Note: The Biodiesel Incentive Program has expired.

Missouri Works Program

The Missouri Works Program provides significant benefits for new and existing companies that are creating and retaining jobs in Missouri. Benefits may be the retention of State withholding tax and/or State tax credits, if the benefit percentage is greater than the amount of withholdings that otherwise would have been remitted to the State for the new job creation.

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