Favorable Business Climate

Missouri's Clean Cities Demonstrate Its Pro-Business Climate

Clean Cities is a voluntary locally-based government/industry partnership, coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy to expand the use of alternative fuels. The Clean Cities program creates and carries out an effective plan at the local level for establishing a sustainable, nationwide alternative fuels market. Clean Cities participants in Missouri include St. Louis and Kansas City.

Missouri's Low-Cost Business Climate and Incentives Help You Build Your Business

The Missouri Advantage stems partly from the low operating costs that give energy firms in Missouri a greater return on investment.

  • Missouri is rated the 3rd best in the U.S. for energy solutions employment.
  • Missouri has the 5th best corporate income tax rate index according to the Tax Foundation.
  • Missouri has the 8th lowest commercial energy costs in the nation.
  • Missouri is committed to the energy solutions industry and offers numerous tax and financing incentive programs.

Also, Missouri's 2011 Renewable Energy exports exceeded $640 million, a figure that continues to rise.

Missouri's Tax Climate Increases Your Return on Investment

During the last three decades, one key factor in keeping the cost of doing business in Missouri low has been our ability to ensure that our state and local tax burden is as small as possible. And with a rate estimated at 9% of income today — well below the national average of 9.8% — Missouri’s low tax burden continues to be a key factor in helping Missouri businesses grow.
(Source:Tax Foundation)

State Business Tax Climate Index Rankings 2011

State Overall Rank Corporate Tax Rank Individual Income Tax Rank Sales Tax Rank Unemployment Insurance Tax Rank Property Tax Rank
Missouri 16 5 25 15 9 11
Arkansas 39 40 33 41 18 21
Illinois 23 27 9 39 41 39
Iowa 45 47 42 31 33 34
Kansas 35 35 21 32 7 41
Kentucky 19 42 32 7 34 20
Nebraska 29 34 31 17 13 24
Oklahoma 30 7 24 42 1 27
Tennessee 27 11 8 47 35 50
Source: Tax Foundation's State Business Tax Climate Index