Biomass Industry

Cultivating a strong biofuel industry in America’s heartland

Malta Bend Ethanol Plant - Malta Bend, Missouri

Alternative fuels play a big part in Missouri’s Energy Solutions Industry. As a major agriculture state, Missouri is the nation’s sixth-largest producer of soybeans with over 264 million bushels harvested in 2016. Together with the state’s considerable corn crop, Missouri has a clear advantage in producing biodiesel and ethanol fuel. In 2016, Missouri ranked fourth in biodiesel production capacity and second in production. Eight biodiesel plants in the state produce roughly 200 million gallons of the renewable fuel per year, with growth on the horizon as plants continue to expand pushing Missouri’s estimated annual capacity value upwards of 211 million gallons.

In 2006, the Missouri Renewable Fuel Standard was passed into law. This required all gasoline in the state to contain at least 10 percent ethanol by 2008. This requirement made Missouri one of the few states in the nation to mandate a 10 percent ethanol standard. Currently, there are six ethanol plants in operation in the state, with a combined capacity of nearly 300 million gallons per year.

The biofuel industry directly impacts the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

On average each year, the biofuel industry creates:

  • More than 6,600 new jobs
  • $14.8 million in net general revenues on average each year
  • $542 million in new economic activity/output on average each year.

Show-me Biomass Innovations

Missouri is on the cutting edge of identifying new energy solutions and bringing them to market. Missouri S&T is partnering in a multi-university study to explore the potential for using algae to create biomass for fuel at a coal-fired power plant.

Researchers with University of Missouri’s extension program also are developing fast-growing trees that could be harvested every two to three years for use as biomass.

Strong Support for a Growing Biomass Industry

The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) is the national trade association representing the biodiesel industry in the United States.

The Missouri Corn Growers Association (MCGA), established in 1978, is a grassroots organization of farmer-members dedicated to increasing the profitability of corn production by developing and expanding the following: Corn markets; collecting and distributing information; building coalitions with organizations and industries; and participating in the governmental process.

Established in 1966, the Missouri Soybean Association (MSA) is a statewide membership organization working on behalf of the Show-Me State’s soybean producers and processors. All Missouri soybean farmers, as well as anyone with an interest in our state’s soybean industry are eligible for membership in the MSA.

For more than fifteen years, the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition has provided regional and national leadership on ethanol policy development. Because additional biofuels will play an increasingly important role in the nation’s energy future, the governors recently decided to expand the coalition’s scope to address all biofuels, including ethanol, biodiesel, advanced biofuels, co-products, and new applications and technologies yet to come.