Nuclear Energy

Generating energy independence.

Nuclear energy plays an important role in Missouri’s energy portfolio and is an emission-free source of electricity that supports clean air, land, water and wildlife. As the demand for energy continues to grow, Missouri’s nuclear technology sector is prepared to meet that need for the state, country and on a global scale.

Ameren Missouri’s Callaway Energy Center generates nearly 10 percent of the state’s electricity, meeting the needs of approximately 780,000 households and could supply 5 percent more. Callaway supplies 73 percent of the state’s emission-free power.

The Next Generation of Nuclear Power

Missouri is looking to move forward with the next generation of nuclear energy, furthering our energy independence and creating jobs. The State of Missouri is supporting a partnership between Ameren Missouri and Westinghouse Electric Corporation, the leader in nuclear technology, to build small modular reactors (SMRs). These reactors would be manufactured at the Callaway site and then exported anywhere in the world. Just one SMR is estimated to create 9,500 direct and 9,100 indirect jobs.