Wind Energy

Moving in the right direction.

Rock Port, Missouri was the first U.S. city to operate solely on wind energy.

Wind energy is gaining speed in Missouri thanks to the state’s proximity to the U.S. Wind Corridor and major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), ensuring efficient access to vendors and customers.

  • The average Missouri farm could host 3 to 4 wind turbines and bring in $18,000 to $24,000 per year in land lease payments.
  • Missouri’s wind speed is 10.0 mph, higher than Texas, Wyoming, Illinois, New Mexico, Colorado, Ohio and California- states typically associated with the wind energy industry.
  • Five of Missouri’s neighboring states (Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska) are included among the top 20 states for existing wind capacity.
  • Missouri and surrounding states have a combined existing capacity of 19,598 MW-- nearly 24% of the total U.S. current wind power capacity.

Wind Speed and Wind Farm Locations

Missouri’s aggressive renewable portfolio standard and wind energy potential ensure a growing market for wind manufacturers. Already, Missouri has 7 wind farms that generate 658.5 MW.

Missouri has specialized wind energy training programs across the state.