Roadmap to Resilience

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The Roadmap to Resilience is a two-year project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy in February 2019. The project seeks to assist small- to medium-sized communities with the development of their own customized resilience plans by providing a toolkit of six action steps to make the planning process more straightforward and impactful. These steps include:

  • Stakeholder engagement leading practices.
  • Guidance on how to perform baseline analysis.
  • Information on how to leverage partners and existing assets.
  • Identification of and suggestions for using a variety of funding sources.
  • Direction to helpful federal and national laboratory resources.
  • Metrics to measure success.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Division of Energy (DE) partnered with three Missouri communities – St. James, Rolla and Stockton – who provide insight into the needs of small- to medium-sized communities. In addition to the department, the Project Team included AECOM, Paragon Business Solutions, and the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA), who developed the Roadmap to Resilience resources. Several cost share partners provided additional resources and insight, including the Consumer Council of Missouri, Municipal Public Utility Alliance, Office of Public Counsel, Renew Missouri, and the St. James Winery. 

If you would like more information regarding the Roadmap to Resilience, including scheduling an informational presentation for your community or organization, please contact:

Cherylyn Kelley
Fax: 573-526-7553


Roadmap to Resilience, Brochure--PUB2885
Roadmap to Resilience Process Guide, Brochure--PUB2965 
The City of Rolla - A Case Study of Small Business Resilience and Energy Burden Three Sisters Consignment - Missouri Roadmap to Resilience, Brochure--PUB2962
The City of St. James - A Case Study of Proactive Maintenance and Community Resilience - Missouri Roadmap to Resilience, Brochure--PUB2961

Upcoming Meetings

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Previous Meetings


Dec. 2 - 1 p.m.
Webinar 5: Implementing Action Steps

The final webinar in this series will include community leaders who will share their perspectives and insights on the implementation of certain action steps in the roadmap, as well as on resilience efforts in their cities, broadly.
Video and PowerPoint

Nov. 18
Webinar 4: City of St. James, Missouri Case Study

The Roadmap to Resilience could not have been successful without our partner communities. Hear from leaders from the City of St. James on their participation in the development phase of the Roadmap. 

Nov. 4    
Webinar 3: Roadmap Action Steps 4 to 6
Take a deep dive in the final three action steps highlighted in the Roadmap to chart your community's path to a resilient future. Hear from experts and community leaders on their experience in resilience planning and the resources available. 

Oct. 21
Webinar 2: Roadmap Action Steps 1 to 3

Take a deep dive in the first three of the six action steps, the building blocks for communities to launch their resilience efforts. Hear from experts and community leaders on their experience in resilience planning and the resources available. 

Oct. 7
Webinar 1: Roadmap to Resilience Project Introduction

Missouri Department of Natural Resources - Division of Energy and U.S. Department of Energy Roadmap to Resilience project and the unique considerations for small- to medium-sized communities in developing a city-wide resilience plan.