Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP) Resources

Action Kit

The Division of Energy partnered with the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP) to develop a local energy code action kit. The action kit was targeted for local policymakers, code officials, and other interested parties with two goals:

  1. Provide all stakeholders with a basic understanding of energy codes and issues specific to Missouri.
  2. Provide a strategy to adopt or update municipal energy codes and additional tools to assist in this process.

View the local energy code action kit and accompanying handouts.

Gap Analysis

BCAP also produced a Gap Analysis report. The purpose of the Missouri Gap Analysis Report is twofold:

  1. Document and analyze the unique strengths and weaknesses of the state’s existing energy code adoption and implementation infrastructure and policies.
  2. Recommend actions that state agencies, local jurisdictions and other stakeholders can take to support and encourage local jurisdictions to adopt, enforce, and improve compliance with model energy codes.

The report also details some of the state’s current best practices and offers Missouri-specific recommendations for actions that would improve the energy efficiency of Missouri’s built environment.

View the Gap Analysis.