Commercial Building Energy Codes Self Assessment

To initiate compliance measurement the Division of Energy would like local jurisdiction code officials and commercial builders to perform voluntary self-assessments. The self-assessments consist of two independent components: (1) the Jurisdictional Survey and (2) the Score + Store™ Compliance Checklist.

Jurisdictional Survey

The 20-question survey hosted on SurveyMonkey will be instrumental in the initial phase of the commercial building energy code assessment by providing a baseline of the current code adoption and enforcement practices by local code officials. The survey is estimated to take 10 minutes.

Click here to take the survey.

Score + Store™ Compliance Checklist

We are asking code officials and builders to voluntarily complete a compliance check on buildings to help create a substantive base of compliance measurement. The compliance check is performed against the 2009 IECC whether or not that code is adopted in the particular jurisdiction of performance. The compliance check should be performed using DOE’s online compliance tool Score + Store™. To use Score + Store™ for this study please perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Score + Store™ website:
  2. Register your account:
  3. Request to be a study collaborator by e-mailing and indicating you would like to be a new commercial building collaborator or renovated commercial building collaborator. Be sure to share the account e-mail address if it is different than the message e-mail address.
  4. Once the Division of Energy adds the account as a collaborator you will receive an e-mail notification and can begin a building checklist by navigating to the “Shared Studies” tab of your Score + Store™ account.

Alternatively you may submit compliance checklists by e-mailing a completed electronic Excel spreadsheet of either Commercial Data Collection Checklist (ANSI/ ASHRAE/ IESNA Standard 90.1-2007) or Commercial Data Collection Checklist (2009 International Energy Conservation Code) to For reference, commercial checklist instructions IECC 2009

You may also mail completed checklists to:

Division of Energy
301 W. High Street, Room 720
P.O. Box 1766
Jefferson City, MO 65102