Information Resources

Making your home or building as energy efficient as possible saves you money on utilities, is better for the environment, increases resale appeal of your home, and increases the comfort level of your home. Visit the links below for more information.

Missour Home Energy Certification logoMissouri Home Energy Certification Program: Find out what it will take to make your home more efficient, affordable, and comfortable with the help of a certified energy auditor and a tax deduction.

Home Energy Audits – Auditor Certification: Are you a qualified energy auditor interested in potentially increasing demand for your services? Get certified by the State of Missouri to perform certified home energy audits; there is no cost for the certification.

(BEE) Be Energy Efficient Logo
BEE – Be Energy Efficient: Sponsored by the Division of Energy, the Missouri Public Service Commission, and Missouri utilities; BEE is a great resource to find information about minimizing energy use and stabilizing the related costs.

Missouri Building Energy Codes: Search the database by county or city to find out what building codes have been adopted in that area.

Energy Saver: The Department of Energy’s guide to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: A service provided by the Department of Energy that is a clearinghouse for energy efficiency and renewable energy information.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR: Home Performance with Energy Star is a national program that helps you “get more from your home” by providing comprehensive energy audits and energy efficient home improvements. Homeowners can also visit the Missouri Home Performance website for more information.

Standard Work Specifications Tool: Defines the minimum requirements to provide effective, durable, and safe energy efficient upgrades.

Summer Cooling Tips: Quick tips on how to save money while staying cool.

Winter Heating Tips: Quick tips on how to save money while staying warm.

Winter Heating Costs Information: Links to help you save money and find assistance programs.

Home Energy Magazine: A magazine dedicated to providing energy efficiency information. Their website features full text articles on residential energy efficient construction and remodeling.

Below are some quick-reference factsheets with energy-saving tips for your home. If you have additional questions about the energy saving tips below, please contact the Division of Energy.

Using wood products can be an effective way to heat homes efficiently and economically. Discover what fuel and heating system is best for you with the links below.

Wood Heat: A general guide to all things related to heating with wood.

Wood and Pellet Heating: A summary of different types of wood and pellet burning appliances, how to install and maintain them, as well as information about the types of fuels.

Wood Fuels Handbook: A detailed look at wood fuels and how to store them.

Choosing the Right Wood Stove: All about wood stoves.

Many utilities and other organizations offer energy audit resources that can be a great starting point for efficiency updates. Find your provider below to see if their programs are available to you.

KCPL’s Energy Analyzer

Ameren’s Home Energy Report Program

Laclede/Missouri Gas’ Home Energy Advisor Tool

Empire’s Energy Advisor

Energy Star’s Home Advisor

Department of Energy’s Home Energy Saver