Business, Industry, and Agriculture

  • Assists businesses, agricultural operations and industries to better understand energy use and energy-efficiency measures that save money and improve their competitive position
  • Advocates renewable energy development and use throughout the state
  • Provides consistent and accurate information about the impact of business and industry energy use throughout the state
  • Explores and promotes financial incentives for businesses, agriculture and industries to encourage the use of energy-efficient technologies
Additional Business, Industry, and Agriculture Information


  • Promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in Missouri homes through sharing of information and partneships among diverse interests
  • Manages the statewide Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program; works in partnership with 19 community-based agencies to increase home energy efficiency, reduce utility bills and improve health and safety of citizens served
    Public Benefits of Low-Income Weatherization
    • Reduces energy consumption and utility bills for those served, particularly the elderly, the disabled and families with small children
    • Keeps money in the local economy
    • Allows more families to pay energy bills and reduce utility arrearages
    • Improves comfort, health and safety for low-income households
    • Reduces environmental pollution associated with generation of electricity and production of fossil fuels
Additional Residential Information

Schools and Local Governments

  • Guides local governments and public schools in developing and implementing energy-efficiency and renewable-energy projects
  • Helps finance energy-efficiency projects through loans from the division's Energy Revolving Fund
  • Teams with community projects such as Clean Cities in St. Louis and Kansas City to increase the use of cleaner-burning alternative fuels for vehicles
  • Information on Energy Efficiency Loans to Schools and Local Government is available

State Government

  • Helps state agencies perform energy audits, accomplish energy-efficiency retrofits, and create energy-efficiency plans for state buildings
  • Provides information about cost-reducing, energy-efficiency strategies to the state
  • Helps state agencies incorporate fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles into their fleets

Energy Policy and Analysis

Public Information and Education

  • Disseminates extensive consumer and technical energy information
  • Informs the public about opportunities in energy efficiency and renewable energy to save money and help the environment
  • Provides communications expertise for the division's informational efforts
Additional Public Information and Education