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Become a Leader in Your Industry

Contractors using the whole house approach of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR deliver a unique message and unique approach that is convincing when accompanied by diagnostic testing. This approach tends to build the customer’s trust and confidence in you. The benefits to the contractor are apparent, with increased closing rates and potentially more extensive jobs. The benefit for the customer is a house that performs better, costs less money to operate, and is a more comfortable, healthier place to live.

How it Works

Once contractors have demonstrated the command of the knowledge and they’ve acquired their own equipment, they can begin performing Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessments on their own. Contractors can use the ENERGY STAR name in their marketing materials provided to homeowners requesting contractors offering Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

To continue in the program, contractors must submit documentation from each assessment to Missouri Home Peformance. Missouri Home Peformance provides quality assurance to maintain high standards of  service.