Homeowners :: Common Recommendations

Common RecommendationsA Home Performance assessment is fully comprehensive.  Items that are checked during every assessment include:

  • insulation levels for all building components
  • window types
  • air leakage pathways with the blower door test
  • efficiencies of heating, cooling, and water heating equipment
  • duct system effectiveness with flow hood or a duct blaster test
  • ventilation systems (dryer, kitchen range, bath exhausts)
  • moisture management components (crawlspace vapor barrier, gutters, yard slope)
  • test for the possibility of backdrafting when gas-burning appliances are inside house

What kind of improvements might my house need?

Typical improvements recommended by Home Performance with ENERGY STAR include:

  • adding insulation
  • air sealing the house
  • sealing or replacing the duct system
  • replacing heating and cooling equipment
  • improving windows
  • installing or replacing dehumidification and ventilation systems
  • addressing moisture issues in the crawlspace or basement