Net Metering

Net metering provides a way to encourage the use of renewable energy systems and makes it more cost effective for small consumers to generate their own power.

In 34 states, consumers can install small, grid-connected renewable energy systems to reduce their electricity bills using net metering. Under net metering, electricity produced by the renewable energy system can flow into the utility grid, spinning the existing meter backwards.

Without net metering, consumers can still use the electricity they produce to offset their electricity demand on an instantaneous basis. However, if the consumer generates more electricity than is needed at the moment, net metering allows the excess to be credited to the consumer and used at other times during the billing period.


Utility interconnection issues are emerging as a major barrier to the commercialization of small grid-connected systems. Standardized technical requirements and contracts for interconnection provide the ability to connect to the electric grid without cost-prohibitive engineering studies and insurance requirements.

Please contact your local electric utility for more information.

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