The chart below reflects active energy saving projects and a description. These projects are funded by Missouri’s Energy Loan Program.
Active Projects Energy Savings Projects
Bates County Hospital $170,401.00 Roof top unit, DDC controls, steam boiler, hot water boiler, heat recovery chiller
Bloomfield R-XIV $13,857.00 Lighting
City of Monett $9,494.00 Lighting
City of Slater $16,413.00 Water heater and HVAC
City of St. Clair $18,905.00 Variable frequency drive and DO Probes
St. Genevieve Memorial Hospital $16,965.00 Water heater and HVAC
St. Louis Public Schools $212,402.00 Lighting, Boiler replacement
University City $46,994.00 Lighting, Pool pump motor upgrade, Steam boiler upgrade, Demand control
The department's Division of Energy collects propane, heating oil, and transportation fuel survey data for the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA). EIA analyzes the data in concert with information from other states as part of the U.S. DOE State Heating Oil and Propane Program and publishes national weekly, monthly and annual petroleum prices and supplies data. The Division of Energy reports on Missouri propane, heating oil, and transportation fuel information for policy makers and energy consumers.

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