Combined Heat and Power Summits

The Missouri Division of Energy and Spire co-hosted two 2018 Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Summits focused on energy resiliency for critical facilities. Attendees affiliated with, and providing services to, universities and colleges, correctional facilities and nursing homes spent a day learning about the benefits of CHP. The participation of sponsors and exhibitors, which have direct experience with CHP systems, brought a breadth of resources to the summits for the benefit of all participants and their organizations. SSM Health shared experiences with resiliency and working with the Central/Midwest CHP Technical Assistance Partnership on a CHP qualification screening for DePaul hospital. Each summit provided a program of speakers coupled with an exhibit area and time for networking. A presentation titled Valuing Energy Resiliency by Jonathan Flannery, Senior Associate Director of Advocacy for the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), was a particular highlight of the western summit. Please visit the summit presentations and other materials below for information that might be useful for your organization.