AT&T and Emerson Work as One to Reduce Methane Emissions


Renewable EnergyEmerson has teamed up with AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) to advance its innovative Grind2Energy food waste recycling system. Emerson’s Grind2Energy food waste system is an innovative food waste system designed for large food generators interested in minimizing their environmental impact and maximizing their operational efficiency. Grind2Energy decreases contributions to landfills and helps generate clean, renewable energy, according to Emerson.

With AT&T IoT’s assistance Emerson will provide timely environmental sustainability information, performance data reporting, and data analytics to its customers. The newly developed IoT technology will also streamline tank monitoring analytics and pump-out scheduling coordination.

Food waste in the U.S. makes up 97% of the landfills, once the food decomposes it produces methane gas-25X more harmful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas and is a major contributor to the shrinking ozone layer. As a result of methane emissions states and municipalities require large food waste generators to find a recycling solution like Grind2Energy.

 “With the Grind2Energy system, Emerson has diverted 7,400 tons of food waste from landfills. We plan to roll out hundreds of IoT-connected Grind2Energy systems over the next few years,” said Tim Ferry, group president, Tools & Home Products, Emerson Commercial & Residential.

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