As you consider installing a solar energy system, remember a couple of basic things. Before buying or installing any solar system, please check references of the supplier and installer to make sure you are getting quality products and support. If you prefer to do it yourself, please study carefully all aspects of the type of system you wish to install. Most solar water-heating systems require a few steps beyond simply sweating pipe. In Missouri, you are best advised to use a heat exchanger, or indirect, system for heating water. This need requires use and installation of anti-freeze and electric pumps in addition to pipe work.

Working with direct current (DC) and probably inverters to convert DC to alternating current (AC) for use with your appliances will be required when installing photovoltaic systems. Because many competent electricians do not have much experience with DC, make sure you hire someone who is familiar with its unique attributes. Also, photovoltaic modules are generating electricity whenever light is shining on them, which means installers are working with live current, a situation not normally encountered when working with AC electricity that can be turned off at the breaker box.

Installing and using solar energy systems in your home or business can be a very rewarding and earth-friendly choice. Since solar power is a relatively new industry in Missouri, you will need to make sure the system you buy is a quality system, and that you, or a hired installer, are properly prepared to perform a quality installation.

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