Carpool Tips

Tips for establishing and maintaining a successful Carpool

If you are interested in starting a carpool, the following list provides you with several issues to discuss before starting a carpool.

Initial Meeting

Arrange a meeting with the interested commuters in the carpool before you start. You could meet for lunch or get together at a public place for coffee. Meeting before the carpool starts is a great way to discuss the issues listed below:

Number of Commuters in the Carpool

Talk about the number of passengers each driver’s vehicle can comfortably carry. The maximum number of members in your carpool depends on the type of vehicle of the carpool driver.

Plan Your Route

Plan a daily route and an alternate plan in the event of an emergency or weather. Discuss pick-up times and meeting places. Please note that commuter lots or other parking lots are ideal if you are coming from different directions.

Be On Time

Commuters should all agree upon your arrival and departure times. Exchange telephones numbers in the event of an emergency or weather. Please encourage all commuters in the carpool to be on time because nothing discourages a carpool faster than a member being frequently late.


Commuters should discuss arrangements for reimbursement of gas and parking expenses by all participants in the carpool. Discuss all these issues before you start your carpool to avoid any misunderstanding by the participants.

Smoking or Non-Smoking

Decide right away whether your carpool will be a smoking or non-smoking vehicle.